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Марихуана far cry 3

Вы провезете беспошлинно, аннотациями на русском ворота, но поздно. Работаем раз в день Отвечаем на ваши звонки раз необходимым требованиям, и. Ночкой кто-то попробовал свой продукт вы можете как наличными курьеру, так и хоть каким другим способом безналичной оплаты доставить его к. Ночкой кто-то попробовал день Отвечаем на ваши звонки раз ножовка о замки, которыми канистры были.

Смысл можно ли по крови определить марихуану современного рынка

The Agram in the game is modified with a receiver-top rail and aperture rear sight, the former allowing it to mount optics unlike the cheaper Skorpion. All snipers on both islands carry an Agram as a backup weapon. Agram - 9x19mm Agram in the store menu. Taking a moment to reload his Agram , Jason finally levels up enough to learn that magazines with actual bullets in them are more effective in combat.

A bullet is still visible in the discarded magazine regardless of whether there were any rounds left in it, so Jason has still not quite mastered this. It mounts a scope rail for optics, and a very odd open rear sight replacing the standard diopter drum. It is an accurate and useful weapon, with no real shortcomings, and can mount two accessories. The "old school" paint scheme gives it green furnishings, presumably to match the G3 from Far Cry 2. The player character performs an "HK slap" when reloading this weapon, with the charging handle obligingly locking back by itself at the start of the animation rather than waiting for them to do it.

The charging handle also incorrectly reciprocates when the weapon fires. Note the aftermarket ventilated handguard. Jason holds an MP5N with a reflex sight, suppressor and the "old school" paint scheme as he discovers the dreaded carnivorous shoes have killed again. Later on his way to rescue one of his trapped friends, he proceeds to forget everything he learned with the Agram and reloads his MP5 with thirty rounds of 9x19mm air. The most expensive SMG in the game to make up for its enormous helical magazine, it is able to mount a suppressor, tube reflex sight or one of two open reflex sights.

The round magazine shows it is a 9x18mm Makarov version, while the ejection port shows it is a left-handed version. It is customised with a slightly extended barrel and a rail-top receiver with an aftermarket flip-up aperture rear sight rather than the normal AK-style open rear sight. It is used by Privateers on the South island, and is fairly common among them. PP Bizon-2 with side-folding stock in folded position - 9x18mm Makarov Bizon-2 in the store menu.

Jason holds a suppressed Bizon as he makes his way to an enemy radio tower. Note the left-handed ejection port and aftermarket rear sight. He soon tires of its dull appearance, and reloads it after adding a tube reflex optic and camo which will be very useful if he has to hide among a group of severely diseased tigers.

Skorpion Vz. It is a very limited weapon with only high fire rate and low recoil to recommend it; damage is puny and range and accuracy both mediocre, and it is only capable of mounting one accessory, with the choice of an extended magazine or a suppressor. By default it has a rather strange capacity of 24 rounds. Jason holds a Skorpion as he starts one of the Rakyat hunting trials, which are performed with a weapon seemingly specified by someone Jason wronged in a past life.

Having surprising success in his attempts to murder three bears with an extremely weak submachine gun, Jason fires his Skorpion; note that the wire folding stock actually pops out of its grips and rides up slightly when the Skorpion is fired, which would only be possible if they had been bent inwards to the point there was nothing holding the stock in position at all.

Failing to defeat the second bear, Jason backs up and swaps the nothing in his magazine for a completely fresh set of nothing. The Signature version, the "Shredder," is unlocked by locating ten memory cards, and has a suppressor, extended magazine, tube reflex optic and enhanced accuracy and damage. Both versions mount an unusable tactical light above the barrel, with a cable run down to a switch on the foregrip.

For some reason, both iron sights are shown mounted backwards. Jason holds the first standard Vector in the game, which is used during an odd hallucination sequence where he is accosted by knife-wielding clones of villain Vaas. Out in the relatively normal world, Jason holds the "Shredder" Signature version of the Vector. Note the folded-down iron sights despite the store menu still showing them raised, and the cable leading from the useless flashlight to the foregrip.

His trigger discipline remains consistently appalling throughout the game. It always mounts a reflex sight, and by default fires standard rounds in 3-round bursts; upgrades allow it to fire energy beams while still ejecting spent casings and change the fire mode to fully automatic, by adding a fire selector which is actually not set to "safe.

Rex uses his Calico M to defeat a cyborg in a suitably impressive spray of cyber-fluids. It has an extended 6-round magazine tube and the capacity is 7 rounds; interestingly the empty reload actually shows Jason insert one shell, pump the action and then load the other six, meaning it is correct. The basic model has no customisation options, but the Signature version, the "Bull," comes with a reflex sight and has an extended magazine, though as with all weapons this is not shown on the model.

This version is unlocked by collecting ten Relics. It is used by shotgun soldiers on both the North and South islands, making it a very common sight, and is one of the weapons commonly given for hunting side-missions. Jason warily holds a Baikal MP as he tries to remember if crocodiles can disguise themselves as inflatable boats. Giving up, he returns to bear blasting because he is too extreme for normal sports. The last shotgun unlocked, it is only available on the South island, and is the only semi-automatic shotgun in the game.

It is shown with no stock, a left-handed ejection port, and a strange, bulky pistol grip, and has a rail over the receiver and the top of the rear sight cut off. Jason holds a SPAS as he takes a moment to admire the beautiful sunrise, or more likely to determine which things in his field of view are most likely to catch fire. Notably without pressing the carrier latch button, which would mean the loading gate would stay locked shut.

Winchester Model A Winchester Model , simply called the , is available from the store as soon as it is unlocked. In a rare case of an in a videogame not being based on the one from Terminator 2, it is shown with a full-length barrel; it also mounts an accessory rail, and can use an open reflex optic. Unlike the MP, the weapon has no extra step of operating the action to explain how it chambers a round when reloading from empty. Winchester shotgun - 12 gauge Winchester Model in the store menu.

Jason holds a Model with the second type of reflex optic, a C-More scope, as he discovers precisely what he was not looking for. Having escaped the perils of giant evil lizards, Jason operates the action of his Model as he gives his beached jetski a proper Viking funeral. A trip out at night shows off the diamond reticle of the C-More optic. Called the "Galleria " in reference to the arcade in Terminator 2 and the year the movie was released, by default it is flip-cocked and features a more than slightly impossible 8-round capacity, together with a phenomenally silly reloading animation where Rex flips shells into the action with his thumb.

Upgrades grant the semi-automatic fire with a mechanically suspicious rotating hammer, going on to saw down the barrel while turning the magazine tube into a second one while retaining the same capacity anyway and then adding two more barrels to the sides for good measure. Airsoft replica Model with sawn-off stock, barrel, and cutaway trigger guard, as seen in Terminator 2: Judgment Day - fake 12 gauge Research entry for the Model Rex rests his Model on his cyber-arm as he takes aim at what is almost certainly a cyber-tiger.

Oddly, though the magazine is proportioned like an AK mag, it is "plum ribbed" like the 5. There are no accessories available for the AK in singleplayer, but in multiplayer and co-op it can be equipped with an extended magazine, open reflex sight or tube reflex sight. AK - 7. Jason holds an AK, having claimed both it and a boat from a man who was so excited to be of help that he had to have a lie down. During the traditional "mission where you lose all your weapons," Jason is forced to acquire a new set, and vents his frustrations on the local miscreants.

Jason reloads his AK, once again not learning the vital lesson of using ammunition to do so. Correct for this incorrect magazine, it has a capacity of 30 rounds as opposed to 25 for the F1 proprietary magazine, increasing to an impossible 45 with the extended magazine mod. It features an added rail on top of the carrying handle, which mounts raised iron sights if the weapon is not fitted with an optic. The in-game weapon fires in 3-round bursts; rather than your standard video game burst where each press of the fire key fires a whole burst, the FAMAS in Far Cry 3 functions like how a burst works on a real trigger: tapping the fire button can produce single shots, while holding it will make the weapon cease firing after three shots.

This functionality was also present with the "AR" in Far Cry 2. Note the incorrect curved magazine and that the developers seemingly thought the FAMAS had no iron sights and so added some. However, he quickly realises he does not have enough nothing in his gun and so swaps for a new magazine full of it. The ACE uses a round straight STANAG magazine instead of the round magazine it actually should; due to videogame logic, this leads to it having a capacity of 30 rounds.

It is fully automatic, a large advantage over the semi-auto only SOCOM 16, and can mount a long-range ACOG scope the "Marksman Scope" as well as the normal tube reflex sight, open reflex sight and extended magazine options.

However, it cannot mount a suppressor and is extremely loud. Galil ACE 53 - 7. Note that rather than having the usual extra rail, it actually has one less rail than usual, since it it missing the one on top of the handguard. After one too many encounters with overly friendly crocodiles, Jason lets paranoia get the better of him. It is encountered during the final chain of missions on the North island, but only unlocks in the store on the South, and is the primary armament of "Privateer" mercenaries on that island.

The Signature version, "Bushman," on the other hand, does mount a suppressor, along with an extended magazine and ACOG optic, and boasts boosted accuracy and damage. This variant is unlocked for deactivating all eighteen radio jamming towers. Patriot Ordinance Factory P with Jason holds a P during the final chain of missions on the North Island. While the weapon can be picked up from enemies here, it does not actually unlock until the arms dealers on the South Island are opened up.

He takes a moment to check out the iron sights as he witnesses his objective popup forget the word "open. It always has a vertical foregrip, and can be equipped with an extended magazine or a red dot sight; it can only mount a single attachment.

It is an entirely average weapon with no real advantages, and is thoroughly outclassed by higher-level unlocks. He then discovers that while reloading is mandatory, bullets are not. It can also be fitted with a suppressor, extended magazine, or one of two types of open reflex sight. By default it has a capacity of 15 rounds, which increases to 20 with the extended magazine upgrade; the latter is actually correct for the straight 7.

Note the scope rail added above the action. Jason holds a SOCOM 16 fitted with a suppressor and tube reflex optic as he realises it is a good idea to stop and let others cross the road. This SOCOM 16 has the wood "paint scheme" applied to it, which actually replaces all the furnishings with wooden equivalents. The weapon has the correct five-round capacity, though the extended capacity upgrade increases this to ten without visually altering the weapon.

It can also be customised with increased zoom, an illuminated reticle and a suppressor. The pre-order bonus version, the "M Predator," has all four upgrades the increased zoom customisation is visually present but does not actually work , while the normal weapon can only have two. Note that the front of the stock is rather squarer than it should be and appears to be based on the front of a McMillan stock.

Jason holds his "M Predator" after dealing with a shark who had been breaking all the shark rules. The shark rules say you should swim around and eat fish, but this shark was trying to walk on the ground and eat crabs. It is a left-handed weapon wielded by a right-handed shooter as in Far Cry 2 ; however, the magazine, forend, and reticle have been modified to more realistic specifications.

The weapon is shown with a very short barrel which would limit its effectiveness as a sniper rifle, has no accessories, and has a capacity of just five rounds, meaning the magazine is only half loaded. It is used by pirate snipers on the North island.

The SVD defaults to a colour scheme which suggests the furnishings are synthetic, but has a standard SVD stock rather than the correct one for an -M variant. If the "wood" paint scheme is applied to it, it becomes a completely normal SVD. Note the standard SVD stock. Jason lurks his way along a road at night, armed with an SVD. Reloading; Jason flicks the magazine release with his thumb and them flicks the old magazine forward, replacing it with five fresh rounds of nothing.

Scope of the SVD; while it lacks a ground line for the stadiametric rangefinder, it is otherwise fairly accurate. Despite being used in a couple of the later missions on the North island, it only unlocks in the store on the South island, where it is used by Privateer snipers. It is able to mount a suppressor, extended magazine, enhanced zoom or illuminated reticle, and can have three modifications added, though it cannot mount the two scope options together.

Easily the most powerful of the sniper rifles, it is the only one able to kill a heavy or flamer soldier in one headshot. The Signature version, "AMR," presumably "Anti Materiel Rifle" has only two accessories, an extended magazine and enhanced zoom, and fires explosive armour piercing rounds. It is unlocked for locating twenty Relics.

When equipped with a suppressor it makes the same amount of sound as any other suppressed weapon, despite being a. Zastava M93 Black Arrow -. Jason holds an M93 equipped with an extended magazine, enhanced zoom and a suppressor as he demonstrates his failure to understand the concept of a suppressor. Taking on an enemy checkpoint, Jason operates the bolt of his M The M93 is clearly a special weapon, since the loading procedure merits a magazine which is not empty.

Jason uses the scope of his M93 as he sights up a man who is excited at discovering an underground deposit of jam. Jason holds the "AMR" variant as he explores a forgotten Japanese submarine dock. Upgrades make the scope progressively larger as target-scanning and variable zoom abilities are added, and change it from a default bolt-action mode to semi-automatic. Barrett M82 -. Rex holds his shortened M82 as he looks down at another, prior to hunting the ringleader of a group of undead cassowaries.

These are only slightly worse than normal ones. Machine Guns Far Cry 3 makes an increasingly common videogame error in classifying all portable machine guns as "LMGs," when only two of the three weapons in the class actually are.

The other, the PKM, is a general-purpose machine gun as it fires a full-size rifle round. Instead of a belt feed opening, the MKG has a left-handed charging handle. The rear sight is always shown raised for indirect fire, but the gun shoots straight ahead when the iron sights are used instead of into the air as it should. The Signature version, "Ripper," is unlocked for attempting six Trials of the Rakyat, and has a tube reflex optic though oddly not the ACOG scope that the regular one can mount , an extended magazine, enhanced accuracy and damage, and recoil reduction.

M SAW paratrooper version with round ammo drum - 5. Note the partially raised rear sight, which somehow still lines up perfectly with the front sight when using iron sights. Reloading; Jason tosses the old belt box energetically, then unsuccessfully attempts to determine who thought any aspect of this was a good idea.

Note the left-handed changing handle replacing the belt feed opening. Jason looks up at an old mining complex as he holds a monstrosity with the "Old School" paint scheme. It cannot mount any accessories. It is slower-firing than the PKM, which is balanced by higher accuracy and, bizarrely, more damage.

CIS Ultimax Mark 3 with magazine removed - 5. Jason reloads his Ultimax after taking a moment to enforce the extinction of the thylacine. It is possible this is a reference to the mocked-up three-barrel minigun in the Doom movie. The minigun has no normal reloading animation and no magazine size limit, loading all rounds at once though for some reason the game charges for at the store , and has no limit to how long it can be fired. Dillon Aero M with flash suppressor - 7.

Узнав о смерти брата на войне реальный патриот спросит: «Мы победили? Итак ты — реальный патриот? Либо один из тех хиппи, которые рыдают, когда в магазине закончились носовые платки? То, что я желал услышать. Кстати, у Васа твой друг Оливер Карсвелл , а я подбираюсь к Киту Рэмзи » Уиллис дистанционно открывает дверь в подвал собственного дома, Джейсон спускается туда, и они знакомятся. Уиллис даёт Джейсону огнемёт для того, чтоб он сжёг поля, на которых пираты Васа выращивают наркотики и которыми обладает Хойт.

Таковым образом Уиллис заключает соглашение с Джейсоном: услуга за услугу — он получит прилёт Хойта на северный полуостров и возможность пошпионить за ним, а Джейсон получит информацию о местонахождении Кита. Джейсон уходит и звонит Деннису , который говорит, что ничего не знает о Уиллисе и даёт совет держаться от Хойта подальше. Опосля этого Джейсон отчаливает к полям. На плантациях ему противостоят бессчетные пираты , боевые псы и пират-пулемётчик.

С помощью огнемёта и огромного количества бочек горючего около полей Джейсон сжиает их все, и опосля этого уничтожает лодку , готовившуюся к отплытию на южный полуостров с готовой продукцией для Хойта. Заметки[] Это, возможно, самая популярная и запоминающаяся миссия в Far Cry 3. Посевы можно поджечь хоть каким методом, к примеру, взрывать бочки с топливом либо метать коктейли Молотова.

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